What is our Branding Process?


All great branding starts with a simple process…

In Merge Media’s case, that means we sit down and listen to what you want to achieve with your brand, what it means to you and your customers and what is or isn’t currently working for you.

Quite often, you’ll already have an idea in your head, of a look and feel that appeals to you… perhaps you’ve seen something you like the style of and have been inspired, or even just a colour palette you like!

We can often achieve quite a lot in our first initial meeting with you, just by having a chat and learning more about your business and what it means to you, who your target market are and what applications the brand will need (signage, apparel, website etc).

If you are starting from scratch and need a logo and brand that you’ll love and will get results, the more information you can give us about what you like, don’t like and any visual examples of inspiration, the better. This will give us a design brief and some initial direction.

Or on the flipside, if you are finding it difficult to decide what you want or need for your brand – our marketing team can help.

We are experts at knowing what works, what gains attention and what creates a lasting impact.



Our Process

Initial Meeting

This is where we sit down and get into the nitty gritty of what you are wanting to achieve with your brand. We chat about what you have been inspired by, what styles and colours you like or don’t like and what message you want to convey.

Logo Drafts

We supply you with a few pages of logo drafts – showing how we have got to our concepts to provide a brand look and feel that accurately conveys your business and how it will work across your signage/apparel etc.

Final Logo Files

Once your design has been signed off, we save and supply every version of the logo you’ll need for your website, social media, signage or apparel. These include JPG, PNG and Vector eps files.

Brand Guidelines

A must have for an ongoing consistent brand! This is an important document which specifies the particular colours and fonts we have chosen for your brand and how they must be displayed across your different areas of branding/marketing materials.