A bit about SEO!

Website Optimisation is an end to end process and part of a larger Digital Marketing strategy rather than something you apply at the end of the website build project.

Website Optimisation incorporates a number of seperate activities that flow together to produce a finely tuned and optimised Digital Marketing offering. Optimisation involves two commonly used terms SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEO – optimisation for organic listings in Google
SEM – optimisation for paid (PPC – Pay Per Click) listings in Google

SEO Factors:
To rank in the organic search engine results, Google have admitted to approximately 200 factors that are included in their algorithm. It is impossible to know what is in this algorithm, however there are some common focus areas that have been published that affect SEO rankings.

  • On page optimisation – optimisation of Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, images, content for target keywords
  • Off page optimisation – optimisation of in-bound links to your website

SEM Factors:
Search Engine Marketing involves the creation of an Adwords Account, An Adwords Campaign and writing of adverts with target keywords specified that will trigger the display of your adverts.

The key factors that affect an Adwords campaign are:

  • Good keyword research
  • Good campaign structure and settings
  • Good configuration of negative keywords, match types.

While great design is important in making a great first impression, having a website that also ranks highly within Google and other search engines is also of paramount importance. There’s no point in having a site that no one will find!