10 things to consider when setting up your business

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If you’re diving into the business world for the first time, the amount decisions you need to make can feel overwhelming. Where do you start?!

As a web and graphic designer passionate about helping my clients bring their visions to life, I’ve curated a list of 10 essential considerations to ensure your venture starts off the right way. From defining your brand identity to establishing a solid online presence, each step is crucial to laying the groundwork for your success.

When starting your business journey, here are a few things you need to do:



  1. Define Your Identity: Whether it’s choosing a business name or refining your brand identity, clarity is key. Reach out to Miranda at [email protected] for expert marketing guidance if you’re having trouble!

  2. Check the Companies Office Register: Ensure your chosen business name is available, distinct, and not too similar to your competitors. Click here to check now. If it’s available, register it!

  3. Is your domain name available? Check availability on Discount Domains and secure your online presence. Make sure it’s not too long so it’s easy to fit on your marketing collateral. If it’s available, buy it!

  4. Set up your email address: Now that you’ve purchased your domain name, it’s time to set up your business email address. If this sounds too technical, get in touch and our team can help!

  5. Decide on your budget: We have a range of customisable packages available, check them out here or contact us for a free consultation to discuss your individual requirements.

  6. Gather inspiration: Have a look around at brands and logos you like. What do your competitors look like? While we may be great graphic designers, we are terrible mind readers! It’s our job to find out your likes and dislikes, so we’re heading down the right track from the start. Compile and share a Pinterest board with us or gather images from Google so we can see your preferences and brand vision. Find out more about briefing a graphic designer here.

  7. Do you have a memorable brand and logo? Complete our branding brief form here so we have all the information about your business we need to start. Once that’s designed and finalised, we’ll supply your logo guideline you need for signage and documentation.

  8. Get your website up and running: Starting with your key words in mind, we’ll create a site plan and website that becomes your #1 salesperson. Fill in our website brief form so we’ve got all the info we need!

  9. Write great content: You have the option of either writing web copy yourself, or if you don’t have time (the the know-how), our expert copywriter can help with Google-friendly content.

  10. Set up a Google My Business listing: This allows you to feature on Google Maps and gather client reviews. This is important for search engine optimisation purposes.


We’ve done it all before and helped many business owners get set up and on their way to business success!

If you need further guidance, get in touch with Renee for a free consultation.